About City Pack

The Danish City Pack is a collaboration between 5 of the largest cities in Denmark. Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, and Vejle. These 5 cities are also amongst the leading Smart Cities in Denmark.

We all work with new technology, data and co-creation to make our cities more sustainable, attractive and efficient for our citizens and business communities. But we also work together on encouraging the development of intelligent cities in the rest of Denmark. We call this collaboration for City Pack.

With City Pack we strive:

  • To put the development of intelligent cities on the agenda, which takes is starting point in the cities and the citizens perspectives and needs so we can have strong and viable cities and communities.
  • To work for – and have an influence on – new national Smart City-strategy (hereunder also have an influence on the way that Danish and European governments fund the development of intelligent cities)
  • To highlight the potentials of intelligent solutions through concrete use cases where cities collaborate of hereby showcasing other cities and national governments what is on stake, what is possible and what it takes to convert ideas to reality – and also highlight the barriers in relation to e.g. collaboration with private companies, data sharing, finance models and so forth.
  • To collaborate on developing not only intelligent but also sustainable, safe and citizen centered solutions on the cities’ problems on very different challenges such as urbanization, crowdedness, utilities and infrastructures, growth and innovation, social cohesion and data.  
  • To be a source of inspiration for other municipalities and cities in Denmark and abroad who wish to collaborate on the same themes and solutions as the City Pack-cities.
  • To be a point of entry for companies who wish to work together with the leading Danish Smart Cities on innovation and maturing the market .

The Danish City Pack is a coalition of the willing: We collaborate when it makes sense for each of us as cities and municipalities. However, we believe that we can have an influence  on the development together, and that we in collaboration can affect Denmark for the benefit for the cities, citizens and industry.